The Journey Begins

Just getting set up but the countdown is on!

Only four days till the door closes, a difficult and sad ending to a seventeen year … well, seventeen years of my life… it was not just a job, it was my life. It was the glue that held me together and kept me going through hell and happiness.

Although the ending is hard, new beginnings are awesome! I am trying to look forward with a smile…

I have decided to take some time And just hang with my sweet (well sometimes) old girl, JJ (aka Jessie James, Roberta, Roberta James, Rutabaga, Rubybaker, Virginia, vajayjay..) she has many aliases and personalities.

She is deaf and ornery but still full of life. She loves jeep rides, walks when she can manage and lounging around. She never lets me out of her sight, constantly looking around for me and follows me from room to room yet refuses to snuggle! I mean really, if I lay down beside her and she is up like a spring chick!!

Anyway, back on track… we have a little time, a new doggie stroller and a few plans….